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Liesel Gordon's Story

I love fresh & good beautiful smellies!! It makes me feel rejuvinate & great! I have the Automatic spray in my bedroom & kitchen/lounge area. It refresh the environment & lifts ones moods of sich beautiful fragrance while eliminating a wide range of malodour.

Odette Olivier's Story

I got an Airpure vanille candle as a gift from my friend. I get so much compliments about the clean smell. Thanks Airpure.

Adaria Johnson's Story

I've tried these wonderful candles in my home and tbe aroma was fantastic and very refreshing and long lasting. HIghly reconmended

Gillian Hay's Story

I won 3 candles a few months ago on facebook, ill admit before that id never used your product, im now hooked they smell devine and im loving them this christmas time

Elaine Edgar's Story

Ive been using your wax melts now for a few years and they are by far the most fragrant melt on the market. Ive bought other products on the market I wont name here for obvious reasons and the air pure melt beats them all on fragrance as well as price. I spoke to you last week regarding the gingerbread melts and was sadly informed they are now out of production though I will miss them the home baking melts that you sent me to try that replaced them are nearly as nice a smell as the gingerbread but slightly different. lastly your products are a lot cheaper in the shops than other well known brands out there and in my opinion a far stronger fragrance is given off from your melts . Keep up the good work air pure and thank you

Carol King's Story

Last year my son had a bad night time cough, the doctor gave me inhalers, a nebuliser, the lot. 1 night I put a vapour candle in his room and the night time cough stopped. My youngest currently has a similar bad night time cough, she is 5 and due to start school on Monday. The doctor who saw her today said viral, a red throat and be at least another 2 weeks coughing. I only have 2 candles left and need to start buying a box at a time. Please let me know how much this would cost, I cant put a price on a nights sleep for us all, thanks

Kim Woolley's Story

Your Airpure Naturally Gone, I found it to be the best product I've ever used for cleaning/removing the smell of cat urine. (& I've used a lot!)

Norman Caddick's Story

I have been using your vapour release candles for my asthma.

Ann's Story

Your 'Naturally Gone' sprays are fantastic - give a really good shine on glass and I feel happy using them around the house compared to other sprays with bleach etc. I just wish more shops stocked them! The apple and cherry ones are my preferred ones.

Sarah whitfield's Story

i won a prize through Facebook and when it can it had leaked. Airpure not only replaced the prize but they added extra products in for me to try. The scented beads are lovely and have come in very handy for my car. Thank you again airpure. Love your product.


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